Looking for a Sincere Pumpkin Patch

Today. Halloween! One of my favorite days of the year…magic is in the air, along with the chocolatey, peanutty scent of Reese’s. Hee hee.

As I snuggled on the couch last night with my two girls and we watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, I realized why I enjoy watching it so much year after year. It is nostalgic.

It was created during a time when childhoods did not include seat belts and 20-point harnesses, hyper-parental supervision or avoidances of high-fructose corn syrup, nuts, and gluten. Kids roamed, got into scuffles, shared snacks, played King of the Hill until the sun sank into the horizon and toilet-papered houses without fear of litigation.

Lucy from the Peanuts Gang was a bully. We all know that. She shook her little fist at Linus and, in story after story, proclaimed him a “Blockhead!”. She did not reach for anti-bacterial wipes when she accidentally locked lips with Snoopy (although she would have if they had been invented) and, shock-of-shocks, did not catch the black plague from doing so. She carved a pumpkin with a HUGE knife-without any adults around (gasp!).

Linus, Charlie Brown and the rest were latchkey kids. Ms. Othmar, grumbling and mumbling, was the only ghostly version of an adult in the whole strip of tales. Linus shivered in his pumpkin patch in frosty weather and only his sister was there to retrieve him and tuck him back into bed. Pig-Pen still hasn’t showered. There have been no calls to DCF.

Lucy has pulled that football away from a hopeful Charlie Brown for 40 years and  Charlie Brown’s parents have yet to sue her.

Halloween was celebrated as a purely fun holiday-mischief, mystery and silliness reigned. No one overanalyzed the origins of the holiday and bowed out. Kids roamed dark streets (not clad in anything higly reflective) in pursuit of candies that would be sorted and traded. An egg was thrown, a tree was strung with toilet-paper, shaving cream dotted the sidewalks. Candy wrappers mixed in with fallen leaves the day after.

Life rambled on.

I’m searching for that sincere magic today.

Happy Halloween…Blockhead!



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