Happy Newness

It is officially the new year and I’ve decided to come back to this blog-o-mine. I’ve been away from it for a bit because *paying* writing jobs have kept me busy (a good problem to have, I know), but when some of you mentioned that I haven’t written in a while, well, I just had to reappear. Not to mention, I miss the Frosting. I like where it leads me.

I hope you all had an enjoyable and happy holiday season. And of course, with the holiday season comes the start of a brand new year. Being one of those people that just can’t swing into a new calendar without a good amount of pondering, I’ve come to a little conclusion about life.

*It* is all about the little things. *It* being life.

I’d love to say that life is a series of grand gestures that continually sweep us off of our feet and well, you could argue that it is. Graduations, careers, marriages, births, deaths, travels. Those are all generally big things. But the fuel that really keeps a life humming along? It’s all the little stuff. I suppose that’s why I called this blog what I did. Things that put the frosting on your cupcake. The seemingly nondescript happenings that all add up to a life and add a bit of spice to it, just to keep things interesting and your brain humming.What small things you *add* to your life to give it flair, penache and interest.

In the car the other day, my younger daughter asked me where we were driving, as I was taking a different route to her school than I usually do (this question makes it sounds like I drove through a whole other town to go to school. No, it was merely a different set of streets. Talk about creatures of habit). I simply told her that since I drive that route a gazillion times during the year, if I don’t mix it up once in a while, I’ll go completely nuts. I don’t think I worded it exactly like that (not wanting to scare my child into thinking that I was a woman on the brink), but she got the jist of things.

I also realized that much of what you do in life really can be pretty humdrum (and right about now you are thinking that this might be one of the most bleak New Year’s posts you’ve ever read. Stick with me, here.)…you work, you pay bills, you live by a series of commitments and responsibilities. SO…and here’s where I don’t want to lose you…it is all those little things that fluff out your life that make it worthwhile. It is the penache that you add to it. The way you frost your cupcake, so to speak.

Sure, I wish that I could jump spontaneously onto planes and travel at a  moment’s notice. But that is not my life. I have kids, they have school, my husband has a job. We have parameters to our life. And if you can’t run off to Carnivale in Rio this weekend or go on a spending spree just ’cause, then what do you do?

You hope for the big, divine things and add all the little, divine things that you can. And in that, you have an interesting, creative, beautiful world.

I like cloth napkins. I have fresh flowers in my kitchen perpetually. IMG_7094

I’ll wear the chunky, sparkly necklace with a white button down and jeans. On a Tuesday. When I’m just running errands and picking my kids up from school. It’s driving two towns over for that hazelnut latte because *that* cafe makes the best one and I know my lips will be rejoicing when that creamy foam hits them. Why? Because life needs a bit of sparkle, in my humble opinion.

So here is to a 2015 filled with the little things that make our days simply nicer days.



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