With A Flash and a Clap

As we are wildly aware, the Northeast has been pummeled with snow this season. Actually, not even “this season”, but merely the last month. Mountains of snow and ice, the national guard crawling all over New England helping clear streets, roofs piled high with heavy flakes. What a mess. And the unnamed ingredient to this concoction is cabin fever. All of this snow and extreme cold leads to many days spent indoor, which then leads to folks crawling out of their skins, frantically planning sunny getaways and reading gardening catalogues as if they will somehow accelerate Spring’s arrival with each turn of a page.

The weather channel has been the go-to programming with all of these storms. And can we just take a minute here to note that meteorology really is the hidden gem of careers? Why did no one ever mention this occupation to me?! A person can work, BE WRONG in front of a whole network audience even with the use of super-dopplers and mega-radars ….AND STILL NOT LOSE THEIR JOB. This is truly a case of A=effort and that’s all that matters. I might also add that the compensation is not too shabby. There’s the perfect storm of occupations if I ever heard one.

Our new favorite superhero of weathermen is, of course, Jim Cantore, on the Weather Channel. That we even have a Weather Channel and they have honest-to-goodness programming on it besides “weather on the 8s” is boggling and highly amusing to me. BUT, there’s always that one guy on any show and, in this instance, it is Jim Cantore. He’s got his bulging muscles, the tight shirts, the shaved head. He is the badass of weathermen and determined to send the message that he can withstand gale-force winds fireballs raining down from the heavens.

This week, however, we saw him come unglued and it was epic. A rare occurrance called Thundersnow that Jim and his cameraman caught firsthand, which resulted in whoops and jumps-of-joy that rivaled any Superbowl touchdown. I, like many others I’m sure, first had the thought that I was watching the world’s biggest nerd in full-tilt action. Just watch the clip below-you’ll see. But THEN…I had another thought.

Look at this guy and his joy. Over something called Thundersnow. Basically….over his job. His chosen career.

Have I ever (positively) freaked out this way over any job that I have ever done?

Short answer: No.

The clip ended. I thought and thought.

I have to find my Thundersnow. Holy cow, we ALL need to find our Thundersnow. And what a wonderful world it would be.

Here’s a headline: World’s Biggest Weathergeek Shows Us All What It Is Like to Love Our Jobs.

Tight shirts and reporting from the eye of the hurricane aside, this guy is onto something.


Watch Jim…



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