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When a Kiwi is not just a Kiwi

“Do one thing each day that scares you”, said the indomitable Eleanor Roosevelt. This has been my quote-of-the-week this week, for recently, a (great) opportunity presented itself and it does, indeed, scare me. Being a quotes-gal, this one immediately jumped to mind and then I got thinking about it….this is my time to really live up to this dang quote! But then…Arrg….Maybe it would have been better if I didn’t know this quote! Of course it wouldn’t! And around I go.

So, yes, I have decided to give this opportunity a whirl, especially since the only thing coming up on my “cons” list was …well,…fear. Fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone, fear of a very steep learning curve, fear of taking on a new challenge for *me*. For the past handful of years, I’ve been encouraging smaller people in my household to do these types of things. Huh. My turn!

In deciding “yes”, I was telling my older daughter about it when I picked her up from school the other afternoon. I started my news with the Eleanor quote and mentioned that I really should live up to this. She nodded, gave me a “go for it, Mom!” and quickly resumed looking for something to listen to on the radio. You never can tell with a teen just how much they have really heard.

Later that day, after grocery shopping, she and her friend happened to be in the kitchen when I was unloading the groceries. You have never seen such glimmers in a teen’s eyes as when you sprawl groceries over all the kitchen’s surfaces. There’s this look of “what do I eat FIRST??!” that really and honestly kills a mom who just spent an hour in the store and another 1/2 hour unloading the food, only to have it consumed before it even hits the cabinet. That bag of chips was officially in our possession for 85 minutes before it met it’s demise by a small pack of perpetually hungry teens. I really should just take the kids to the store, let them eat their way through it, keep a tally, go the register and pay. It would really be so much easier.

But I digress.

One of the items I purchased was a container of kiwis. Did we need 12 kiwis? Actually yes, because older daughter has proclaimed them her favorite fruit and a kiwi-loving teen can put away about four of these funny little fruits in one sitting.

I had walked out of the kitchen to put something away when I heard older daughter start to slice a kiwi (never mind that there were still groceries stacked all over the kitchen…I must EAT!!) and her friend was buzzing around and commenting on it.

Then I heard it. And ok, it was just about a KIWI, but it is still magic to a mom’s ears.

Older daughter to friend: “You know, there’s an Eleanor Roosevelt quote that says you should do one thing each day that scares you. Here, try a bite.”

What??? Did she just say what I thought she said??

She heard me. She listened. It SUNK it. She retold.

And yes, maybe it was simply about a fuzzy, brown, odd-looking fruit. A Kiwi for pete’s sake! You know that scene in the movie Love, Actually when Laura Linney’s character brings home her long-time crush and she walks to the other side of the wall from where he’s standing and she does a totally silent great freak-out because she’s so excited?

That was me.

This Mama’s work is done for the week.


4 thoughts on “When a Kiwi is not just a Kiwi

  1. Soooo….ready for Chip? Or the honey bees? But seriously, you are spot on…you never know what’s going to hit home. Good for you!! (Nice to see Daily Frosting again. It’s been too long.)

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