Turn the page and see…wings

For the first time in 10 years, my car has not driven down an adorably named little lane in our woody neighborhood towards the welcoming elementary school.

In our household, the elementary school days have officially come to a close. This morning, we headed to the sprawling high school and to the bustling middle school. A bit of excitement peppered in and amongst the grumblings regarding the early-to-rise hour. I know, somewhere in there, they are both happy to be back with their friends and curious about their new year and what it holds.

But no more snacks. No more visits to the classroom to meet the teacher. No more name tags on little desks with chairs so small you think it impossible that they can actually hold a human. Truly, the end of an era.

It’s such a surreal thing to watch the page of a book-your book-turn before your very eyes. Most of the time, an event comes and you don’t really notice it’s magnitude until afterwards. Not this time. My girls are growing up.

For all of those years that seemed to stretch to infinity, they are now gone with the mere rerouting of a car on a crisp morning. And here we are. Spreading our wings. This year feels different. In addition to their wings, mine feel like they are spreading, too. Onward and upward. I can hardly imagine what it will feel like when college enters into the picture, but I’ll (gladly) wait for that for the next few years. This must be what it feels like to grow up.

Turn the page, spread some wings. Good stuff on the horizon.


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