Old School

Two Words!

I have two words for you: Old School.

And that’s what I’m going to be doing more of in this New Year.

As I observed 2015, there were many good things to behold but there were also things that made me say “What the heck?” rather loudly and frequently. The food we eat, the state of our personal relationships, the items we choose to buy…there’s some crazy stuff  going on out there. Life is pretty darned different than when our grandparents were growing up and raising their families. So in moving into this new year, I’m going to look backwards a bit. Old School.

In matters of technology and communication,  I saw people strapped to their phones and computers. I saw myself jumping through hoops to try to connect with people in simple ways (so tiring). I saw texts becoming the favored (or more convenient and widely used) method of communication. Emojis, as cute and amusing as they are (I use them, too), do not replace a voice, a real conversation. They really don’t. Are we forgetting this?

Maybe it’s the area of the country where I live. Maybe that’s part of it…there is a constant hustle-and-bustle, traffic on every road and horns quickly hit by impatient drives (sit at that green light for a nano-second too long? The nerve!). Everyone is in a hurry. Everyone is busy. Everyone is spinning in their own cyclones. Somehow the words “I’m so busy!” have become some sort of bizarre badge of honor…if you don’t proclaim it (constantly!) are you not being productive, too?

When did it get like this? How did it get like this?

My family is just as busy as other families, that’s for sure, but I’m trying to put the brakes on a bit.  11 year olds should not be stressed. High school students should not be on a virtual countdown to college the minute they step through those high school doors. How are they supposed to just enjoy their high school days and not merely remember them as a-path-t0-college days? How did our weekends become a series of have-to-dos rather than time for want-to-dos? How has email become too slow (yikes)? How did a phone call become an inconvenience? We can mourn now for the lost art of letter writing, too. For starters, they don’t teach kids cursive in school any more (and how are they going to learn to sign their names for official documents?). The 2000s will have no John Hancock.

You know what? I’m not liking this. Communication is at it’s all-time weirdest interpretation.

I’m going to write more notes. Send more cards.

I’m going to call people (will anyone pick up?) and to make time in my week to see and talk with friends.

I’m going to focus on one thing at a time. Watching tv, with a computer on my lap and a phone nearby will not be happening.

Going Old School. That’s my mantra for the year. I don’t think I’ve ever had a mantra, although, amazingly enough, I blew it by a few people this weekend and it was met with rousing enthusiasm. Something resonated.  Enough is enough with the soul-numbing new school.

Stay tuned for more Old School thoughts. Food. People. Soul enhancing stuff that just makes you happy in a simple ways.

*And no, the irony of me communicating this message through a blog post is not lost on me. Wink-wink.





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