Old School

Simplicity….umm…Not so simple.

I laughed and laughed. And I was completely alone in my home.

So, you all know that I’m trying to go more “Old School” this year and you all know that I sometimes take on somewhat ridiculous craft projects. Well, the two melded together the other day in a scene straight out of a comedy.

I had found a project on Pinterest (this alone might be cause for concern?). It was for…get ready…Dryer Balls. I could barely say the name of them with a straight face. Basically, you take a skein of pure wool from Michaels or wherever, you wrap the wool string into a little ball, wrapping it until it gets bigger. You then throw it in the wash, where the wool gets matted and then in the dryer where it really gets matted. Then you wrap more wool around it to ultimately make it the size of a tennis ball and then repeat the washing and drying parts one more time.

The result: two matted balls of wool that you can toss (using repeatedly) into your dryer with your clothes, fluffing them and getting rid of static. In short, the eco-friendly version of a dryer sheet. No chemicals, fragrances and a hell of a lot cheaper. I was on board with this, despite how painfully geeky it seemed to me.

The wool cost roughly $6 for the skein and I was going to get two balls out of it (insert joke here).  Meanwhile, at a fancy store in town they were selling the same things I was trying to make! And for $12 each! I was excited. Eco and frugal. And EcoFrugal solution (don’t steal that term. I just made it up and love it).

So, one evening I sat in front of the tv and channeled my grandma (see what I just did there?) who knit, crocheted and sewed piles of handmade items in her lifetime. Her cushy chair (no one else *ever* sat in it), her little table alongside it, the remote control, her eyeglasses, a magazine or two….that’s where grandma clocked a lot of time.

Ok! I was ready to make something.

Balls wrapped! This was easy! Send them through the wash and the dryer. Twice! They look good! Weeee!

Now on to the true test a few days ago when I was doing laundry. The balls were going in. Let’s de-static this load without chemicals! Yeah!

Here are pics of the balls in process and the balls coming out of the dryer.

Pic 1: Ball of virgin wool. Two balls ready for their “processing”.

Pic. 2: I pulled the laundry out of the dryer and the ball literally rolled across the floor…unraveling at it travelled. I gasped. Then swore. Then laughed.

Pic 3: The resulting tangle. Are you kidding me? None of this was on Pinterest.



I found this hilarious because if I had accidentally put a wool sweater of mine in the wash and then in the dryer, it would have shrunk, matted and emerged the size of one for an American Girl Doll. These balls? No can do. What the heck? This was supposed to be simple and lead to something even simpler: laundering without chemicals but with a whole lot of goodness.

Oh goodness. I’m going to figure out how to make these dryer balls now if it kills me. Or unravels me. Whichever comes first.

Simplicity. Sometimes harder to come by than you think.

4 thoughts on “Simplicity….umm…Not so simple.

  1. Dying of laughter here too! I made balls once but found cheap ones at a thrift store. So they weren’t virgins. Balls smell better with a touch of essential oil on them too. I like 6 balls at a time for good effectiveness. 😘😜😝.

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