I’ll take Color for $500, Alex

Winter has it’s own beauty for sure, but my soul craves flowers and vivid colors during this season of white and gray to keep me balanced. All white doesn’t work for this girl. The artist and color-craver in me starts to twitch. To satisfy and keep me thriving until Spring, fresh flowers are on deck every week. My garden provided bouquets during the growing season, stores fill in the gaps right now.

At the moment, amaryllis planted in December have bloomed  and are reaching their blooms skyward. Amazing things, they are. One big bulb and all that magic sleeping within. I never plant my amaryllis to correspond with Christmas-I want the blast in February!  My “Glitter” poinsettia, purchased for the holidays, still seem appropriate now, and red roses complete the space as Valentine’s Day approaches. Outside there is snow…inside there is color. Yay! Ahhh….

“In the cold dark days of winter, dream about the flowers to get warmed up!” -Mehmet Murat Jidan








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