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Between a Rock and a Lovely Place

I adore these rocks. How often do you say that? These silly little inexpensive, painted on rocks. The tree stump that they now reside upon has sat by our back deck for a few years now, with me putting all manner of things on it (flowers, pumpkins), just waiting for the right fit. Well, I finally found it.

Four little rocks that convey all that I hope to have happen on a daily basis. And the best part is that I see it as I come and go every day. If you are a mom of several kids, you know that you might as well have installed a revolving door instead of that far-too-expensive-for-what-it-is-Anderson-one for all the times you travel in and out of your house in a 24-hour period. So, each time I fly back and forth to the car, to the house, to the car, to the house…I see these unassuming yet wildly friendly rocks.

Hello, Dream.
Hello, Peace.
Hello, Hope.
Oh and yes…Welcome.

Find some rocks. Hit up your craft store. Paint some good words to see each day. Why not? If it brings a smile, it’s totally worth it.

Be the rock.



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