Walk the Earth

Earthing is actually a term, did you know that? In short, it means walking around barefoot in order to soak up all the good things that the Earth has to offer. Benefits being stress release and better sleep, among others. As someone who walks around barefoot perpetually in the warm months (hello, dirty feet) I’ll take this as an endorsement to continue my path. I once walked barefoot through a wooded path during a walking meditation exercise at a yoga retreat. It was very early Spring (having even snowed lightly the night before) and mighty chilly. After walking first over cushy grass, then sharper-than-you-realize wood chips (ouch ouch ouch), over a wooden bridge (cold!) and then back to the grass (ahhh), you forget how tactile our world is and how our senses have become dulled with always wearing shoes, walking on asphalt and being in cars and indoors.

So, it’s Earth Day. The world is blooming. Smell it, touch it, enjoy it.


Here is what is blooming in my yard at the moment and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my “Tahiti” daffodils and “Aperatif” tulips. Keep blooming, girls! They pull me outside each day to see their progress…


And some of the benefits of being outside…an increase in brain function, higher levels of Vitamin D, stress-reduction, it can spur weight loss (Wha???) and it. makes. you. a. happier. person.

How can you beat that? Happy Earth Day, all you Earthlings! Get outside and enjoy!

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