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Good Time

My geeky, crafty-girl side has fantasies of life slowing down to the point where I can make holiday gifts for everyone on my list. Add that to my fantasy list of maintaining a giant veggie garden, making homemade jam from my sprawling raspberry patch and sewing quilts for my kids using scraps of their baby clothes. I can actually hear you laughing now. Funny, I am too. For now, I’ll just concentrate on just getting dinner on the table and running my kids in all the directions they are going and oh, trying to squeeze my own writing in there as well.

Around now, maddeningly enough, magazines are overflowing with oodles of ideas-perfectly baked sweets and treats, jars of silky caramel and fudge topped with fresh evergreens and burlap bows, meticulously wrapped boxes containing hand-beaded earrings and fluffy scarves. Ugh. My inner craft-girl wants to do this but we all know it’s not going to happen. Hello, Amazon. Here’s my credit card and I’ll hope to churn out a bunch of cookies on the side.

But, when you *do* receive a hand-made gift, or at least when I do, I completely love it. Given that time is a massive commodity these days, a hand-made gift is not only the gift itself but it’s also the person saying that they created time for you. Just for you. And then wrapped it with a bow. Lovely.

The friend who I have known longest in this little world of mine graced me with her time. A package arrived recently containing a beautiful candle nestled in a hand-adorned glass hurricane. Wraps of perfectly level, khaki-colored cord looped around the glass and it was topped off with a gleaming white sea star. I soon found the perfect spot on one of our mantels for it and now I light that candle each night when we are sitting in our den. It’s quite close to our tv, so my eyes are continually drifting over to this gift, watching the light dance from the flame. It also sits close to a bunch of lavender that I picked this very summer from our garden. Two things, side-by-side, that are both at once so simple yet so completely perfect.

Thank you, my friend, for your time, your beautiful effort, and your creativity. I adore it. For so many reasons.


5 thoughts on “Good Time

  1. That’s beautiful. There’s nothing better than a handmade gift. Mr Makeables makes his mother handmade birdhouses for Christmas, because she loves them, and I paint them. Creating things especially for someone is so rare and special these days, and something I hope I can instil in my children.
    Thank you for a lovely post

    1. I’m so happy that you feel the same way! Appreciating something that someone has taken the time to make is really so special. It’s amazing how good it makes you feel to look at it, too! I think of my friend every time I look at that candle 🙂 Thanks for reading and stopping by! Please do so again!

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