Sweet Soul

I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination. I consider myself spiritual and even somewhat superstitious, but I am not a follower of organized religion. I do, however, believe that signs, words, people cross your path for a reason or at a specific time when you need them. This is what crossed my path today.


And why did it catch my attention? Because today (or yesterday if you are reading this on the 3rd of November) our sweet little soul of a 17 year old cat had to be put to sleep. He is now in another place and our household is sadder because of it.

When I look at someone’s pet, for some odd reason, I envision what they would look like if they were human. You know, the old, slobbery bulldog as the cranky old uncle sitting with a whiskey and a cigar, the prim poodle as the hoity-toity neighbor who is a tad too high maintenance. Just my creative juices running amok. Well, if I had to make my sweet, orange feline Myles into a human, he would be a true-to-the-core gentleman. Perhaps donning a seersucker suit. A gentle word and a kind smile for everyone. His hat would tip and doors would graciously be opened. His presence enjoyed by everyone.

A gentle cat. A loving, sweet soul who asked nothing of this world except to be cuddled, loved and fed. And that’s precisely the charmed life that he lead for 17 years. He was one of the lucky ones, too. No major dramas. No illnesses. Even his exit was a gentle one. He was just worn down by old age and thankfully, his body sent us signals that his time was coming and that we should do something to help him before things got grim.

This soft fellow sat with us, laid his little head upon ours when we slept, purred at the slightest touch and took care of his new brothers when they entered the fold. He was truly a pal of pals, as we called him.

And on All Soul’s Day, his little soul is with us now in spirit. Anyone who has loved a pet know how they creep into the depths of your heart. How you bond with them, which is amazing given the fact that they are, still, an animal. How there are times when you look at them and in their eyes you can see what they need or that they are simply telling you in their quiet way “I’m here for you. No worries.”. Animals are amazing. Amazing what they give us and what they create within us.

Myles, we miss you already so terribly. Thankfully, your soul is a part of ours.



6 thoughts on “Sweet Soul

  1. Sorry to hear about your cat. I’ve been there before with our first dog, and it’s so hard. They are truly a part of your family!

  2. We are so very sorry for the loss of your sweet cat. Having been there so recently, we truly know how you feel and what a pet means to you.
    Marilyn & Len

  3. Myles was indeed a gentleman of cats. Always greeted us with a purr and a rub…I will miss him.

    Your comment about how animals look at you struck a chord. When I was laid up a couple years ago, Toby “took care of me.” I know the people did the work of healing my hurts but he took care of my soul and told me “it’ll be alright…”

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